This still is happening

I’ll be honest, I just haven’t bothered to pay attention to any of these gofundme groups in a long time. But with all that is going on in the world, coronavirus, white people calling other white people racist, Aunt Jemima , Mrs Buttersworth, the cream of wheat guy and Uncle Ben all getting fired as food mascots for being black and somehow offensive, its always nice to go back to basics and find out some things haven’t changed.

If you guess e-begging for pizza, you would be correct !

Some things never change. It really was the story that caught my eye, a few things didn’t make sense.

Lets review a few things.

If it tells you how bad we have it rn… I ate popcorn for breakfast!!!

I’m not sure what is worse, popcorn for breakfast and pizza for dinner or that it sounds like she let a 5 year old pick what they will eat. I would suggest for breakfast trying Quaker Oats with Aunt Jemina on it for a complete biracial breakfast that shouldn’t offend anyone.

My boyfriend is working, but his job doesnt pay him for hours… they pay him commission, and he just started! 

He took a commsion only job that he isn’t making money at? First, anyone in sales knows that is risky unless you have money in the bank because you aren’t guaranteed a paycheck. This also leads me to believe that if he hasn’t made any money yet either what he is selling sucks or he can’t sell free snow cones in the middle of hell on the 4th of July. I heard Domino’s is hiring and they pay by the hour, he may want to check that out.

The last one left me scratching my head.

We literally have 10$ to our name and that’s for his gas to work! (I would post a picture of our bank account but it says “cant screenshot for security reasons”)

Da faq? Since when does the bank control screenshots? After I read this I immediately took a screenshot of my bank info. So either my bank doesn’t care if I show people what is in my account or they haven’t figured out how to control what you screenshot on a Google Pixel yet.

Its nice to see with everything going on that some people just want the basics, a buffalo chicken pizza. Although with that order, she should have asked for a few extra buck for toilet paper.