I made Turtleboy

Well, you can imagine my surprise when this showed up today.

And since it was just brought up on the Turtleboy live show on YouTube I guess I’ll address it.

Kate “Bristol” Peter never like this page, and honestly I never cared for her either. She use to message the now zucked Tommy B Rider page before she was a blogger looking to work with “us” and talking about how she started her own page, the social justice page. Once she figured out that Uncle Turtleboy only used that page once in a while, she turned on it and was always criticizing things I posted.

Let me be clear, I never presented this page as being part of Turtleboy. Yes, I used the following of turtleboy to fire up the page, but it was all done for humor and nothing serious. Its not my job and I, unlike Kate , have no interest in making myself popular off it.

As a turtle rider I enjoy what he does and wanted to do something that wouldn’t cross paths with them. Unfortunately, some blogs did cross that line.

I really don’t remember her writing that review, hell I got so many negative views from the help with money people I ignored the reviews. But I do remember her constantly making rude comments. I would have to say she is ripping him off more than I will ever come close to.

I have been enjoying watching her get ripped apart and have had fun making comments and jokes about it on the Clarence page. Nobody deserves it more than her, really.

But meanwhile, I’m still here just in a smaller capacity. The new Facebook page is @wtf safe space and guess who my profile pick is?

Lets get back to the fun, shall we?