Go Quarantine Me

Nothing like a good old fashion emergency to bring out the money grabbers. No better time to start a GoFundMe like when people are buying toilet paper like it just got outlawed.

First up, meet Vincent Wallace from Bradenton Florida.

He works at Petco according to his profile so you know he makes the big money. But thanks to the virus , he may need to barrow a few bucks to get some supplies just in case.

You want $20,000 ?? That is probably more than half a years pay. How much toilet paper do you need??

As you can see he even propped the kids up for sympathy, because, he may be the only person with kids wearing sweaters in Florida.

As of writing this he has not raise one dollar and will still have to put his life on the line to ensure your dog can get milkbones during this time of crisis.

Meanwhile, also in Florida…

That is Sally and her husband. I have no clue who is who so don’t ask. They decided to give themselves a few weeks off from work because when the rest of Florida dies from Corona virus, Florida will need them to rebuild.

Just to recap, they don’t want to work for two weeks, their boss ain’t going to pay them to take a staycation and since everyone they owe money to hasn’t died yet, they still got to pay the bills. Florida is just not like the rest of us.

I’m sure there are plenty more of this out there. This will pass just like all the others big viruses. Really we should thank the media foe making it seem worse than it is. And then blaming Trump for not personal finding the cure for it.

Meanwhile, since all the morons are buying everything they can find on the shelves except food, keep our friends the truck drivers in your mind. They are the ones out there busting their asses right now to get toilet paper to the stores.