Bailey the Dog releases official statement

Bailey, Elizabeth Warrens dog has release his official statement in regards to her campaign ending.

” Thanks alot America, you have no idea what you have done. If you think you didn’t want Elizabeth around, just try living with her. I’m so mad right now I could growl!

Take for example every time I pee. I’m a boy dog, I lift my leg. Without fail, she calls me sexist every time, which is why Bruce sits on the toilet when he goes pee. Don’t even get me started on the racism, bark at one black dog and all of a sudden you are the reason Trump is in office.

A while back on a trip to the dog park, I heard people saying ” bad dog !”. I had no idea what that even meant. My owners always yell ” MAGA!!” every time I do something bad.

I want to address the burrito incident. Some people think I was just trying to score free food. Others think I was trying to eat something that would make me sick. In reality, I just wanted something that would allow me to leave a big stinky poop on the floor to show Elizabeth what America thought of her running for president.

Lastly, I am announcing my eligibility for adoption. I have tried several times to check myself into animal shelters, but the microchip keeps getting me returned. I would prefer a nice conservative republican home that is not in a sanctuary city and won’t make me the face of the crazy liberals. If this sounds like you, I’m a good boy that would make a wonderful addition to your home ! “

So brave Bailey, so brave !!!