It is over for the Indian !

Today is finally the big day, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren has accepted the fact that she won’t be President. Can I get a hallajuih?

As a Massachusetts resident, she never had my vote. She was a fake as her minority status. Did you ever hear her talk about her accomplishments in our state? No, because she had none.

Before we get into what is next for her, lets recap some of her greatest hits.

Liz once had to give up a teaching job because she was pregnant, and despite the offical records saying she resigned, being fired sounded better.

Lizzie accused her Senate opponent of being in the town of “Burn” at a hate rally in April of 2018. Where the fuck the town of Burn is nobody knows, but the good news is he was actually in Bourne at a rally to support a police officer killed in the neighboring town of Yarmouth.

I think by now everyone knows she pretended to be a minority to advance her career.

Her favorite thing to do is cry racism and sexism.

She managed to make having a beer look like a painful experience.

Her dog Bailey has tried several times to put himself up for adoption as a “well trained Republican good boy”.

She hates billionaires, so it’s a good thing she is only a millionaire.

She actually bragged about taking $3 from a broke college student. When you make $174,000 a year for a no show job $3 from a broke kid is a free trip to Starbucks!

So what is next for Pocahontas? She will go quite for awhile until she figures out who will be the DNC nominee. Then she will be back on the campaign trail. It won’t be about the candidate, it will be about herself.

Lets say it’s Biden. Just like she did with Hillary, she will campaign, not because she supports the candidate, but because she wants a cabinet job. Can you imagine her dealing with foreign leaders? That is scary.

She says she won’t run again for President in 2024. I suggest you don’t run for Senate either, we have had enough of her pow wows.