Someone got butthurt

So the WTF classifieds facebook page is gone. Some pathetically sad person decided to sent their time reporting some memes that were put up.

I moved to the Wtf Safe Space page and recreated the orginal page. Neither one of them has much on them right now.

Here is the sad part. Its not hurting me, its hurting the 1800 followers. I just put up the jokes and posts, you were the ones enjoying them. And somebody decided to take that enjoyment away from you.

This isn’t a business, a job, a paycheck or anything to me. It was a fun hobby. It won’t be the same for awhile, but I’ll try to keep it going.

So to whoever ruined this for everyone, fuck off. Seriously, its sad that you decided for 1800 people how they can be entertained because your whiny bitch ass cried bully to Facebook. Nobody asked you to go to that page in the first place. If what I was posting bothered you that much, then good. I look forward to pissing you off more in the future.