Go Speed racer Go !!

Once upon a time in Arizona a guy named Michael Kelley bought a Chevy Cobalt.

Michael assumed because the Cobalt had a spoiler on the trunk that it was now a high performance race car. He knew that the Fast and Furious franchise will need to replace Paul Walker, and he will be the real life guy to do it.

He hit the streets to show off his awesome skills and well, had a mishap.

And now he needs your help.

We can assume that you were driving the posted speed limit even though the damage would indicate otherwise.

You mean two cars going fast . That would be called racing Mikey !

You tried to race a Cobalt against a Challenger? Dumbass.

You can’t share the video for legal reasons? What the faq does that mean?

Ok, more importantly, how much do you need to get better?

HAHAHA. Let me save you 40k, STOP DRAG RACING !!!!!

Now, if you think he may have learned his lesson, you may want to think again.

The Slobalt, see he would have won if he had a faster car.

Time for the Cobalt community of Arizona to step up and get him back racing. Actually, hold on, there is a Cobalt community? Seriously, you do know these aren’t real sports cars, they were throw away cheap commuters right?

So far he has only raised $40, which means the only racing he will be doing for a while is to the bus stop.