If I die I’m calling muh lawyer !!!

Meet Taria Tanell Sumler Bey formerly of Philadelphia now claiming to be in Las Vegas.

She lists herself as ” self employed” because professional e beggar is not a job category on Facebook. I’ll summarize.

Homeless and hungry, the old stand by. Yet you have a charged cell phone to e beg on? Also, if you are going to beg in the same group, try to remember not to put conflicting stories to close together.

She said she is on the streets and doesn’t know where to go, try back to your apartment which has no shampoo.

And don’t forget about hooking her up with a ride around town.

Seriously, there is no reason to type out ” y’all” ! You know what I’m talking about Meredith .

Well apparently the donations have not been rolling in as well as she would have hoped, so she got more serious.

Shit just got deep. Now she needs to escape domestic violence in an apartment she may or may not have which may or may not have food in it will she waits for the bus to go find a job.

Obviously, if you are in a domestic situation call the old sheriff. Cali Farmer has the number and calls in every time I type her name on the screen. She probably is calling right now.

Second, how da faq are you going to sue people when you are dead? We know you don’t have a lawyer, your claim to be broke. Also, you can’t possible sue a Facebook group for not giving you handouts, thats not how it works stupid !!!

Just curious though, if she asked for $5 and then sues for triple damages, that like $15, or a three day bus pass.

Side not on this, there was a raffle group she was trying to start. It had six whole members in it and the only post was her claiming that the other admins had stolen the raffle money. The group and the post disappeared before I even had a chance to get a screen shot.