Business is Slow

Meet Sambora Christyne Vaughan from Alabama

She runs an online business called The Sassy Sister

And that is where the normal stops. The only way to see her products is to join a private group.

Reg flag right there. What kind of online business promotes their products via a private group only? She even promotes that proceeds of items sold go to buy care packages for a few moms that had premature babies.

Without being part of the private group, I can’t verify if this is what really is happening or not. But a few things make you wonder.

I really don’t get this shit. If between the two of you you get afford to go out for a date night, then that shit just aint happening. Its not up to a stranger to pay for you to go out for the night.

And just so everyone knows, this is her man James West.

He can’t afford to take her out, but loves getting a pedicure.

The good news, she is willing to tip their server !! How thoughtful !!!!

She mentioned that she can’t accept paypal right now, and this maybe why.

I’m not a medical expert, but if a doctor says you had a ministroke that caused memory loss which resulted in your bank account being over drafted, find a new doctor. Should have googled ministoke first.

As if all that wasn’t bad enough. She can’t even afford dinner at the Gold Corral because of her car.

First, I would like to point out that this girl is always making sure the server gets tipped. How sweet!!

Lets key in on the car wash is the reason she is broke now. If you are spending $30 a month for a car wash membership this kinda tells us that you have a nice car and the money isn’t that tight. If it was, you would have an unlimited car wash membership in the first place.

This is where you come in. If everyone kicks in a few bucks they can afford to get the car detailed, pedicures and have a great date night followed up by a trip to Golden Corral. And they won’t forget to tip the server either.