“Stock ” car outta gas?

Meet Alexis Toofly Tune from Lansing Illinois.

I could fill a whole page with her bathroom selfies and heavy use of the dog filter, but aint nobody got time for that especially when she is in need of help.

Did anybody follow that? First, I’m impressed she found a ” towe” for only $30. I’m not sure what that is, but it seems like a deal.

Next we have the fact that she attempted to make a 1300 mile drive with no gas, no money for money for gas, and the worst part, she left her gas can at home !! Who does that? Actually, who has one in there car at all times?

Thankfully, she had pictures to prove it.

Does that look like a stock photo to you?

How about the car itself?

Let start with what the faq kind of car is that? Certainly nothing sold here in the USA. In case that wasn’t a give away, then the plate frame from a European car should have. Feel free to reserve imagine search it, its a common stock photo of a broken down car. I wonder if Meredith and friends figured that out on there own? Doubt that.

Lets all hope she raises the money to get to grandmothers before she dies. Maybe there will even be time for one last bathroom selfie.

Grandmas dying wish is for a dog filter photo.