Are you still trying Cali?

Remember Cali Farmer?

Yeah, I didn’t want to see that either. So Cali has been spewing a shitload of lies about us for the past month and lets talk about it.

Yes, I did write about you asking for money to buy airline tickets because your mans ” work card” had expired. Yes we did post your wedding page you sarted which was right there for anyone to find.

Here is what we didn’t do. We never posted an address, because none of us actually care. We never contacted you or anyone in your family, because ask anyone we have blogged about, WE NEVER CONTACT THEM. We never would track down your family because, well, seriously, we don’t give a shit.

You have no evidence of this. NONE. But feel free to post it all in the comments showing that someone representing this blog did this to you and don’t leave anything out. I’ll wait.

Geez, Cali, I wasn’t aware that the cops now charge people with bullying. That would mean that more than half of America would be in jail right now.

Then this happened.

Is the world ending? Did Meredith ” shut them down” Engle actually come to our defense?

I really have no idea what half of that is about, I just didn’t cut it off so you folks wouldn’t think I was hiding something. We really don’t want to know nothing else about you Cali, once again, we don’t give a shit about you. When even Meredith is calling you out on your bullshit, there is a problem. I feel weird saying this, but ask her. We threw jabs back and forth but it stayed between us online, nobody else, and not in the real world.

Also, I’m not sure who you claim tried to follow you and follows our page. That is on that person, not us. We don’t control what others do on the internet, only ourselves.

Its not Meredith problem Cali, you are the one making the story up, not her.

I feel confident I’m putting an end to this right now. Unless you can post solid proof of all the ” bullying” you have received from an actually blogger on this page, then shut the fuck up with your story.

One last question, actually a few.

How did you spend your whole paycheck on feeding a two year old ? Where are his parentsto feed him?

And why are you asking for makeup advice in a e-begging group?