Please cross check your requests

I know what your going to say. Did you guys forget about the e begging groups? Hell no !! Honestly, they have been boring the shit out of us lately. Unless everyone wants to see pizza requests.

Yeah, that is still happening.

Meanwhile, Meet Melissa from West Virginia .

She needs your help !

Oh no! Actually this is right out of the end of the month play book. Mom no work, little kids and the hubby lost his job. They promise to pay it forward though so its ok.

Next request please !

Da faq? Beside the fact that she is now a had a whole world of medical issues of course, didn’t your hubby just have no job 4 days ago? Now he has one but can’t work because of the weather? The weather in that area averaged around 90 with a chance of rain, no reason why construction workers can’t work.

I would have to assume the rent got paid. Otherwise it would be pointless to ask for money to repaint the place. Can’t wait to see how it looks !