You smell good

STREETSBORO, Ohio (WCMH) — Police in northeast Ohio are looking for a man accused of shoplifting and putting deodorant back on the shelf after using it.

Just because you don’t shower doesn’t mean you can’t smell good. He must have a a date that night. But seriously, who does that?

According to the Streetsboro Police Department, it happened at a Giant Eagle grocery store.

Police said the man took a deodorant off the shelf, used it, and put it back on the shelf to be sold. The used deodorant was taken off the shelf before anyone could buy it.

I would hope so. Any smart shopper should have noticed the all the rapping removed, but then again. I’m also willing to be there is someone nasty enough to use it anyway.

He is also accused of shoplifting from the store.

Imagine being in lockup for using deodorant? He might not have a street cred off it, but at least you won’t smell like body odor.

“Using or tampering with a product is a #crime and #nasty. Help us stop him from doing it again,” police said.

That is a quote? Did the cops actually say hashtag?

If you know who the good smelling criminal is, give them a call.