Its a worldwide probelm we need to solve

The other day that whiny spoil Greta or whatever the fuck her name is cried to the UN about the world ending, her childhood ruined because she has to travel around the world first class crying about it, blah blah. But she overlooked a really big worldwide problem.

Meet JA Jezbaby Lourens from DurbanKwaZulu-Natal which is in South Africa.

She came to Meredith and friends to raise money and awareness for a huge global crisis.

Thats right, she needs to shave her legs and trim the African bush ! Nothing is worse than having a hairy jungle .

Ok, so obvoiously the woke won’t noitce that this an alias account. And who is Jessica krige since the paypal is in her name?

Jessica “JA” is an unemployed woman just lookkng for some cash.

And of course she did the one thing that always seems to get the donations flowing.

Claim to be a victim of domestic violence. It works right?