Whoa, who did that?

Meet Aaron Everett Morris from Attalla Alabama

Well Aaron needs a new tattoo but has no money for it.

if you can’t afford it, don’t get it is what I say. You don’t need a tattoo.

Well no word of if the tattoo money came through, but another week another problem.

Hold the faq on, that is female?

And there is a actual male banging her? WTF? As as we all know you can’t be a female, wake up and say ” I’m a male now” and then blow an actual load of baby batter into a female. Not possible .

All the comments told her to go buy a cheap test. Then, as if this wasn’t odd enough.

Sergio shows up to talk about pregnancy test. If anyone has experience with knowing if the ladies are carrying his baby it is this guy.

No doubt in my mind that every woman this guy meets wants him raw dog with the juices flowing in side. Well, that is at least what he has wet dreams about.