Nah, they real

Meet Nico Rotondo from Millis Massachusetts

Nico is the guy to call if you need a pair of rare Chanel sunglasses.

Happens all the time. I buy Chanel sunglasses for a girl and she don’t want them. I’m not sure why he just doesn’t give them to his baby mamma Melanie.

Actually, I do know. He likes to take her shopping to pick out her own stuff. It was so sweet the local papers even wrote about it.

NORWOOD, MA — Police in Norwood have identified two people they say went on a shopping spree after stealing a credit card.

On. Oct. 28, police responded to a report of two overnight vehicle break-ins at the Olde Derby Village apartment complex and Windsor Gardens. Among the items taken from one of the vehicles was a credit card, police said.

Surveillance footage from over the weekend shows the the same male and female in the stores at the time of the purchases, according to the victim’s credit card statement. Police say they purchased an Xbox One gaming console, 40” HDTV, gas for their vehicle, pre-paid phone cards, and meals.

Police have identified the two as Nico Rotondo, age 25 of Millis, and Melanie Lohnes, age 26 of Framingham. They both face a number of criminal charges which including larceny under $250, credit card fraud over $250, improper use of a credit card over $250, credit card fraud under $250, improper use of a credit card under $250.

Back to the glasses. It looks like someone that actually knows about these things called him out.

Get the popcorn, this gets better.

BOOM !! I’m actually surprised he didn’t call her a bully. She hurt his feelings bringing up his criminal passed . Its on the internet, it is not private !!

I was actually more curious about how Shannon even knew they were fake but she explained that too.

Well, I just learned more about Chanel glasses than I ever knew. Also, yeah, since slander is the only word, well that and ” deformation”, they know of course he thinks he has a scare tactic. Slander is spoken, not written. That would be libel.

There it is !!! Internet bully !!!! HAHAHA !!! No Nico, you just got called out. Stop with the bully bullshit, you are an adult.

So if you are looking for a knock off pair of Chanel sunglasses for way to much money, hit Nico up !!