Help me file a lawsuit

Meet Hailey Barrington from Warren Michigan.

She had a tough Saturday night and needs your help.

I think the most important thing is did the pizza get delivered? There are straving families that are dependent on pizza delivery to eat.

I’m trying to follow this but clearly she didn’t think about it before she made it up. She gets rear eneded on a Saturday night and with a short time she has determined she must file a lawsuit. Amazing.

Clearly she hasn’t file the insurance claim yet. Unless things are so quick in Michigan you can file a claim and a lawsuit on a Saturday night and have the money in the bank by Monday.

Speaking of insurance claims, why do you not have full coverage on a car with a loan? I’m sure the lender will be thrilled to find out you are using the car to deliver pizzas and dont have the required coverage.

I really hope your big lawsuit works out for you, not. Glad to see you weren’t to hurt to be able to write on Facebook.