Keep crying, we are enjoying this !

Yet another day of the crying liberals attacking us because we don’t want to be like them. Once again, we stood our ground and are still here. Lets see what they had to say today.

It all started with another begging for pizza post.

Well Angelique came on the orginal post and made a joke about it and asked politely of we could cross out her name. I gave her the benefit of rhe doubt and was nice enough to change it.

Well, she mistaken kindness for weakness and ran to the rally the liberals to be so mean we would have no choice but to cry and say we are sorry. Big fucking mistake.

We covered your name, which means nobody would have know a thing, but you couldn’t leave it there so now it is permanently on our website.

Meanwhile the liberals showed up doing what they do best. Trying to censor us. Before we get into them, a quick reminder.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders will never occupy the oval office. Ever.

Keep in mind, if you choose to come on to our page and give your opinion about us, be prepared to get our opinion about you back. We don’t play by your rules, we play by ours.

First up

Is “you admin” and insult? Sad and pathetic is begging for pizza money online. It could also be..

No need to go further.

Ah the white knight who has no idea how the internet works. We don’t need permission. Once you post on Facebook, its public. Just like this.


Sara, first off you can’t steal something posted on the internet. Also, we read the rules.

Ask Meredith if we give a fuck about her rules.

I got money that when Sara saw this her jaw drop and she said “Oh My God!”.

We aren’t getting shutdown. Did you know that Facebook doesn’t control our website? Or that it takes less than five minutes to set up another page? What we are doing is edgy. The more you people complain the harder we are going to push it. But you know what isn’t edgy?

Your profile.

Next we have someone who hasn’t update a picture in 6 years. Has time been that tough on you? I’m willing to put money on she probably will have a story about kidnappers trying to steal her from Walmart.

Here comes the cheerleader. GO TEAM GO !!

Yeah everyone, charge!! Then she wrote something that is so untrue its funny.

Clearly Marie, you know jack shit about us. We don’t censor or delete anything. That is something you and your liberal friends do to silence others when they have an opinion you don’t agree with. We leave everything up because that is what free speech is. Nice try.

Also, brace yourself. The page has always had more WOMEN followers and comment then men. You would be amazed to learn that just because they have a vagina doesn’t mean they think like you.

We have posted those numbers before. They have stayed consistent since day one.

As to your last point. If you message the page or receive a reply to a comment, there is a 99% that it is a women replying. Tommy rarely replies and usually only answers comments from regular followers. He has no interest in someone like you.

Here is one more fun fact. Everyone who blogs on the page has access to use the Tommy name or a different name. Its not one person. I bet you didn’t know this blog was put together by several people? Not, oh how do you people put it, a loser sitting in his parents basement? The standard issue idea of everyone that has the balls to tell you to go fuck yourself.

No there isn’t. And there is no way anyone will be intimidated by

Sorry champ. You should coordinate with Danielle.

You are about 1700 people apart.

Then we come to basic Becky.

I looked at your website, it was no joke. It was so fucking boring I almost fell asleep.

We will rap it up with these two idiots.

Such touching first grade poetry. Did you write it yourself?

Diane, take all the screenshots you want. We don’t delete anything. We aren’t like you.

Well liberals its been a fun week. I will leave you on this. Every time you come on our page and try to silence us, you actually motivate us. Keep commenting and writing reviews, you are helping boost the page. You should learn how algorithms work.

Our regular wtfuckers will always attack you back. You have brought new people to the page that enjoy it. You are accomplishing the opposite of what you are trying to do. If you don’t like it, then don’t look at it. We won’t miss you.