She’s once, twice, three times a victim

Meet Jade Stone from Creighton Pennsylvania.

No matter how much she tries, crime just keeps finding her.

First, Been Verified is a legit company. Go ahead and Google it. She never says where she sold the phone, but Ebay usually doesn’t hold funds. I’m not sure what is more impressive, that her phone went from 8% to 11% while she was using it, or that she only has once slice of cheese in the house. I’m sure she can split it with her daughter.

The next day..

The phone still isn’t charged and she ate the cheese I see. Lets see what happened to her next.

Skimmers took her money now !! She can’t even work because the gas station WIFI blocks her work site? WTF? Is it a porn site or something? Why would the gas station even care of it is a business?

Jade is a brave women to be spending so much time at the gas station after what happened this summer and all.

Hang on, we got a play by play with pictures !

About a month ago, I noticed a man in a truck was video recording me while I was walking out of the parking lot, and as I was attempting to leave, he and his friend who was driving, were getting ready to leave behind me. I felt uneasy about it, and didn’t want to get followed walking alone, so I walked back onto Sheetz property by the front door and waited for them to leave. 

I thought Pumpkin Spice stories were suppose to be posted immediately? To warn the public of course. I’m guessing it took a while to make a good story.

 They sat in their truck and watched me while the one recorded me again. I acted clueless because I wanted to see what they were up to. Once the one man seen me recording him, he said something to the driver and they pulled away fast, squealing tire.

Since we know the bad guys aren’t going to post their videos, where is yours?

Ok so fast forward to today… I’m walking out of Sheetz lot…and as i stepped out of the lot ready to cross the street, I hear an engine start very quickly and loud. I glance over and it’s a man looking similar to the one before but in a red truck this time … 

Do engines start slow and quite? Kidnapper guy is back, with a new truck this time.

 I felt weird so I ran back up to Sheetz towards the front acting like i forgot something .. I glanced over as I pretended to check my purse and I see him recording me ..I also noticed he turned his truck off. He sat in front of the gas pump for about fifteen minutes as i stood there waiting.

So he just parked, in the middle of the day, at a gas pump the whole time just recording you standing their doing nothing?

Then he pulls out and then pulls into an actual parking spot. He waits another ten or so minutes. Now he’s starting to look frustrated so I go inside. He comes in after me.. looks a little sweaty and nervous.

Well wouldn’t you be nervous trying to kidnap someone in the middle of the day at a busy gas station all by themselves? I’m mean look at this dude, he probably sweats sitting still.

He gets a tin of Copenhagen and leaves. As he leaves, I’m standing near the front counter and he slams the door with frustration and gets in his truck and squeals tire as he leaves

The key to being a good kidnapper is to make sure you get as much time on a security camera as possible. Also, is this the only gas station where you pull the door from the inside to get out of the building? I don’t get the slamming of the door thing. And why does the kidnapper always squeal his tire leaving?”

This can’t be a coincidence. I actually took pictures because I thought it was so weird. You hear all these stories about guys at Walmart and then people say it’s not true, but this definitely happened and was weird! 

Ah, she said it! She credited the Walmart stories ! About those pictures Jade. You claim your potential abductor was driving a red truck, yet the pictures you took of him and his kidnap mobile were were a different truck.

Either way a regular cab pickup isn’t the preferred choice for a kidnap mobile.

Also.. the man’s shirt said fillipino construction company on the back. I tried to Google and could not find any info on this company. Is this company real? Does anyone know these guys? Has anyone had anything similar happen? I don’t know whether to report this to police or what. It’s strange for sure.

Lets give Jade some credit. She made a company up knowing that there would be no back lash. Despite two attempts to grab her, she managed to not get a picture of his face, to avoid being called a liar by people that may know the guy. And lastly, she never told an employee or notified the police, which is suppose to be the first thing you do in a pumpkin spice story.

But wait, there’s more !!!

Target, Walmart, whatever. You didn’t go to the police because they store camera would prove you wrong and you know it.

So they went into a bank, closed the account, kept the receipt, then went to an ATM withdrew all the money, and kept the receipt? Seems odd that the sex traffickers would just drop the evidence. Jade was asked several time if she turned the wallet into the police but never answered, I wonder why?

I would suggest you find another gas station to steal free WIFI from Jade, this one isn’t working out to well.