Snitching to the snitches

Meet Shanquisha Dyer

No surprise, like many cry babies over the past few days , she went running and crying about our website to “warn” everyone. Its where is went that makes it hilarious.

She went into to a group called scammers exposed to complain about us exposing scammers and frauds. Talk about irony.

Unfortunately we didn’t get there fast enough to screenshot the comments. It was a mixed crowd along with the made up horror stories about what we post. If you were one the the people claiming we post addresses, phone numbers, etc, please provide us with actual proof that happened. You saying it did isn’t good enough. Dont worry, we will wait.

So if any of the admns for this group want to team us with us, feel free to send us a message. If not, thats fine, stay hidden in your closed group. We aren’t picky about who sees what we do.