Living in a van

Meet Kaylynn

Like always, she needs your help. This is a long one, so get your aspirin, whiskey or whatever you take to get through these.

Loooong story gonna try to make it short.

This isn’t short.

So my husband and I moved in with some people we didnt know cuz they were looking for roommates and we needed a place ASAP. So we paid them $300 and moved in..within 4 days i was forced to miss work 3 days in a row due to them locking my husband out of the house and calling animal control a million times trying to have my ESA removed

I’m already confused. They locked him out which required you to miss three days of work? Meanwhile they were calling animal control on your pet, which you never said what or where it was during this whole time. We all know animal control doesn’t come out the first 999,999 times you call.

 Well they managed to have 1 of my babies taken away from me

Just one but not the other?

I was making $8/hr with a temp service working at a daycare.

I would seriously question a daycare that uses a temp service

 Well we were given until the 13th to move out cuz they decided they werent roommate type people anymore.

Didn’t they lock you out and call animal control on you?

 So my husband got a job finally after getting out of jail for child support(they give you 2 weeks to pay or you get locked up) and I went to a much better paying job which was my old job i was at a year ago. We both were working and doing good. We paid $200 to his child support on Tuesday last week but because it was a day late they issued a warrant for his arrest because they refused to extend him. So on Wednesday last week he went to court for something else and was unfortunately arrested. 

Can you earn frequent flyer miles at a courthouse? Asking fore a friend.

So this week we managed to make approx $400 together. Well Friday i was supposed to get paid but I wasnt because they daycare is trying to tell them i didnt work 8-12 on monday when i did. They tell me one thing and tell the temp agency another. So today i asked the temp agency just pay me for the 1 day they recorded and ill go up there personally and get the statement. Was told id be paid and NOPE STILL NOT PAID!!! Almost $100 lost.

Unless something has changed, temp agencies pay by the hour. Which means you would need a signed time sheet or card to verify the hours, not word of mouth. Oh, and if you lost 4 hours at $8 an hour that would be $32 lost, not $100. That is like first grade math .

My phones cut off ($50), I need a bus pass($5), dog food for Bailey, and i would really just love to see my baby on a video visit to talk to him($6). I have a week to move out and Im trying to collect as much money as I can..i get paid weekly by the time we gotta go ill have $600 saved and my baby doesnt get out until Thursday which thank god his jobs going to let him go back because i called.

You called and said, ” when he gets out of jail can he have his job back?” and they said ” no problem !” ?

.look y’all im really truly desperate for help i have hardly anything right now because Im waiting on a freaking paycheck and waiting for morons to pull their head out their butts!!! Anything really helps so I can try to make it until i get paid.

Ya, they own her $32 ! Which is such a small dent in what she spent the week before.

But wait, there’s more !!!!

My husband and I are homeless we are BOTH working at the same company. We were illegally evicted but my husband and I couldn’t deal with the drama anymore.

Wasn’t he in jail? How does one get illegally evicted when you are just renting a room that you said you were moving out of and they gave you notice?

We havent showered in 3 days and its been 90 degrees here and we’ve been buying water opening up the doors to the van. 

Yup, they have been showering with bottled water. Should have just brought some soap and signed up for the ice bucket challenge.

It stinks in here !

They threw all our stuff out the day we got the van.

Where did you get the money to buy a van from? Insurance, plates, sales tax, etc? And if it was all your stuff, where is it?

Doesn’t look that full in there. We will get to the dog in a minute.

 So we would like to be able to shower at a truck stop maybe a campground but obviously that is costly. My husband has been asking for money at Walmart to come up with gas and oil for the van.

He is begging for change at Walmart to buy gas and oil. But not her, some has to watch the dog. Speaking of which, if they both are working, where is the dog?

So you have a relative that will watch your dog but won’t let you in the house to shower,sleep, $5 for gas or anything, just the dog is allowed over?

We get paid Friday but we arent going to make it on the gas until then.

Lets see the gas gauge.

Despite thew for some reason side ways picture, I can still tell the engine is off so the gauge will read low.

But did you guys see the exciting news !!!!

.on top of that i literally found out today that I am pregnant..

OMG OMG OMG !!!! I bet your wondering how she found that out.

Somehow she had the money for a home pregnancy test. Which it looks like she took in the parking lot of Walmart. The only person that has deposited anything into her account lately is him. Well soon it will be the tax payers problem to pay for.

 We should have our own place in a week or 2 but right now we just dont have anything to stand on 

I give it a week before they are in here asking for money for rent.

Don’t worry though, the stupid gave her money, because they believe everything.

Can anyone explain why at 11 pm she was posting all the money she got, yet the posting times are 1 or 2 am? Seems odd.