Help me get to O-town

Meet Brandi

Brandi went to Amazon one day to do a little online shopping to find an item that she believes would help her out . She found the perfect thing.

Being an educated comsumer she even made sure to read the reviews.

I’m not making this up either, this is what she posted as her proof for funding.

So brandi can’t get her boyfriend to bang her good once and awhile. Money is a little tight and she has tried other way to get off.

I guess she needs something stronger.

Its not a joke Amanda ! She is right, we have seen the sex toy request before.

need a banana Amanda?

Yup, thats a guy.

I’ll leave it on this one.

Chuck got the wife one? I guess he figured she would leave his pole alone and he can go play with his other pole.

It looks like Brandi got her money and will buzzing her way to happiness in no time.