Who did it better?

What are you trying to say? Oh, its a warning , got ya. Watch out for the wtf clarried people, they are so evil.

Then we get to the flag burning bitch Liz Marie.

You are just a piece of shit Liz and I really don’t care what you think of us. Like many others, your dumb ass got it wrong. You targeted someone who has nothing to do with us just to make yourself look good. I’m actually impressed the Bri girl told you off.

We couldn’t agree more. They all are a joke It would be in your best interest to come to the dark side, we are coming after these groups harder than before.

I know you were seeking some attention Liz which is why you posted this hoping we would find it. I was going to ignore it, but now I hope you show up whining like a cunt in the comment so I go tell you to fuck off over and over again.