The reviews are hilarious !!

The liberals are doing what they do best, they don’t like someone or something so they try to silence it . If you don’t think like them then your voice doesn’t count. Faq that !

I’ll be honest, we had a hard time keeping up with all the action coming on in the comments, but they failed to get anyone to run and hide in fear of them. They cry ” bully” while being the bully themselves.

Next they decided to write bad reviews because that will make people go away. Because they are going to try and hurt our business and force us to shut down. Except, this isn’t a business. Its not our jobs. We are literally a group of anonymous bloggers that do this in our spare time because we like to say what is on our mind.

It appears they know nothing about how the internet works. They more you complain, the more attention you bring to us. Write a bad review, now people need to see what the site is all about. Cry in your Facebook groups, it send everyone running to the page. All your bitching has brought us a lot of attention and we are loving every minute of it.

I gave them a chance to delete and retreat, time is up, its game on now !

Meet Liz Marie.

She lives here in the USA where she has the right to voice an opinion, but you do not.

If you can post that, we we can post we we have to say. That is how it works. You live in a country that allows you those freedoms , but you hate the USA because it is what you want it to be. I guess nobody told you the world doesn’t revolve around you. If you don’t like living in the USA, feel free to leave. I’m sure there will be plenty of countries that will put up with your bullshit. Be reassured that everyone that actually respects the flag won’t miss you.

Next !

Ah, bullies, so elementary school.

I bet you would like to speak with my manager? How is your drop shipping business going?

Would you like some reviews?

Next !

Awe, now that hurt. Just kidding!

Next time you should actually read the blogs first, since we point out the scammers. You should ask for a refund from whatever college you claim is teaching you criminal justice, your detective skills suck.

Next !

Bed bugs and a broken down car, all in the same week, so sad.

You have Pumpkin Spice written all over you.

This one is my favortie.

Stale cumsock, HAHA !! Lets see, sock vs

I’ll take the sock.

Lets not forget the white knights.

Ya, you showed us ! He is one of the good ones ladies, better scoop him up.

That is all we have time for now. Sorry if I didn’t get to your whinny complaint, not like I care what you think anyway.