Operation we need your money

If you are going to launch a GoFundMe, come up with a good name.

Operation Home Sick. Lets see what that is all about.

That is alot of money for a Christmas “preseant”. Are we flying first class?

Operation Home Sick got put on hold pretty quick though.

Well at first you don’t succeed, try try again. The more interesting thing more than the fact that she is a stay at home parent so the schedules thing makes no sense, was it was the same dollar amount to replace the car as the trip.

Sorry, the car is $100 less. All this in less than 24 hours.

Lets address her complaint about the tow truck. They don’t drive around looking for car accidents to offer money for your now wrecked car. You have to, or your insurance has to pay for the tow.

What is the going rate of a scrap care now anyway? $200 at best. So the tow guy would give you $50 so he can make his money scraping your wheels. I guess she didn’t get $3400 from them either.