They took muh babies to make their bonus

Meet Amy Martin from Alabama.

She um, ah, has a problem I think?

Lets try and translate that.

Im seeking help funding leagal council ..ive been fighting dhr in chilton county for 18 months .. I have so much proof of all of the illegal actions this departmant has pulled

We all know children’s services picks randomly pick families to tear apart. It is a good thing you have all this proof of the illegal actions.

.im about 98% sure that my case has become part of this departments “”behind the scenes actions”” u hear about all the time but always just blows past yet nothings done.

Uh? Still a 2% chance she is wrong. I’ll put my money on that. I think she explains here.

I have no idea what most of that means, but it sounds like the judges and everyone get bonuses for taking kids away from the parents.

The department is tryong to terminate my parental rights ..if you know me u know that id move mountains for my babies ..

If there is anything the courts hate, its responsible parents.

My leagal council that i have alreadh paid a retainer on has yet to fo one single thing in my case and want another $1000 to fight for my rights ..


I hardly think that if i had the grand shes asking for,,, that id give it to her.. So if theres anyone out tgete that can help a loving monmy have a holiday miracle please please please, we r beyond desperate~~TIA~~

I hope these kids aren’t home schooled. Are we starting with the Christmas miracles already ?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, she shot her mouth off in the comments in the most glorious fashion.

Look here i asked for help because i have already sold everything i own for an attorney tgats on the same side as our dhr ststem it seems .

Either you have no attorney or you have no case.

ive worked my worked my whole entire life .

So you have a job? Is that what you are trying to tell us?

. And im not asking for a hand out im simply asking for someone to either help me fund an attorney or dome one thats already an attorney to help me vring to light wat illegal twisted actions that chilton county judicial system and dhr are pulling ..

You are asking for a handout and whatever the rest of that means.

Its not fair that a loving mother of two thats willing and able whole hearted to take care of her children has been put on almost $800 a month child support making it impossible to live much less hire an attorney..

They do it to fathers all the time.

If the system wud legit do their job and follow state laws for the reunification of my kids instead of trying to cover their ass on sll the corrupt things they do to make a fat christmas bonus for themselves at the end of the year..

HAHAHA, she actually believes they are doing this to her for a bonus.

As for u Austin Croker with or without help from this sight i will not give up my fight for my kids i will keep faith that the hood lord has a bigger plan for me atm..

Hood lord atm?

My babies will come home know that . nut before u go to passing judgement. On me maybe u shud learn a li about who i am..

Clearly not an English major.

I at all times day or night will move mountains to feed the hungry cloth the naked provide a hot shower n warm bed if needed for all types of people ..

Now she takes care of homeless? She is a saint !

Allways have n always will without passing judgement .. Its called pay it forward.. So aftef seeing all yhe anger u have built up inside of urself for watever reason it may be ill say this whole hearted if ever a tume u need to talk or just need someone to listen just pm me.. But only if ur ready to not judge me n u wanna not be all ugly n hatefull plz

I would pm you, but odds are I wouldn’t understand half of what you are saying.

Good luck with whatever the hell you are trying to do. Since she lists her occupation as cook, I truly hope she cooks better than she writes.