Panty raid, your honor ?

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. (AP) — A suspended New York judge has pleaded guilty to attempted burglary for trying to sneak into a neighbor’s home to steal her underwear.

A panty raid? Amd I though after college you would be to old for that.

Robert Cicale pleaded guilty Friday in Suffolk County court.

Prosecutors said 50-year-old Cicale had several pairs of women’s soiled underwear stuffed into his jacket and raincoat was arrested on March 29, 2018 after leaving the neighbor’s home.

I wonder if this guy is married? Does is wife’s own underwear smell not good enough?

They said he admitted that he had entered the home on several occasions and stolen panties from a hamper.

Although, in his defense, one pair was after she went to the 10 cent wing night, that pair didn’t smell so nice.

Cicale was removed from the bench after his arrest. He is expected to be sentenced November 15 to five years of probation with sex offender status.

Don’t worry, Massachusetts will hire you.

Cicale’s attorney, Michael J. Brown, said Cicale is a changed man. Brown said Cicale has dealt with “his mental illness issues.”

Next time, just buy them online. Lets trouble that way and not hard to find.

Whoever actually buys these need real professional help.