I made the e beggars cry

Earlier today we made a post and a joke.

It set the e begging community of fire! Let me start by reminding everyone how the internet works. You have zero privacy and a public platform. However the Constitution allows us to state our opinions publicly without fear. Which means everytime one of you morons threatens have us shutdown you are trying to violate that right. Not happening. You won’t put us in the corner, we will fight our way out.

Speaking of rights, their lawyer chimed in.

Stop laughing you guys, she is being serious!

And stop calling it “bullying”. Fucking seriously, when you are an adult you don’t get bullied. They are words on a screen, they wont hurt you. Obviously many people in life have let you down by not telling you that there will be people who don’t like you and will voice a negative opinion of you. Accept it. All your shit talking you have done on our Facebook page has me laughing, because I don’t care what you think of me.

But anyway, Chrissy ran off crying.

Actually Chrissy, we never wrote a blog about you. Could have, I sent you what could have been an embarrassing thing for you, but we didn’t. You just weren’t that interesting.

We go after people we can prove are lying about there situations. And we supply the proof along with it. We won’t censor names because they are scammers.

She went crying to the group when she saw the post and of course all the “victims” came out.

Actually Ann and Megan, neither one of you have ever been on our website. Sorry. Feel free to send proof you were.

Even an old friend stopped by to make up stories about us.

Hi Chasity! You spent two days whinning on our page, we remember. Once again, sorry to disappoint you, we had nothing to do with your problems. We will get to you Kristen, you may have earned your own blog since you literally have nothing else to do than fight with our followers.

The ace detectives are on the case.

Got us!

So since so many of you have taken the time to send threats and come on to our page to talk shit, we will turn the table. Your bad reviews mean nothing to us. Your threats mean nothing. We won’t go away, and you won’t silence us. Notice we aren’t even deleting anything you write? Free speech its called. We are laughing at you though.

Consider this your warning, delete and retreat. Otherwise we are really going to enjoy putting words on a screen about you.