Mommy Meredith needs help y’all !

Meet Meredith Engle from New Orleans Louisiana y’all!

She just moved and didnt think it would cost money, so now she needs your help.

Really Meredith? Panhandling in your own group,sad. I see you are still trying to sell the homemade jewelry to people with no money.

If for some reason you are reading this and have no idea who Meredith is, let me explain. She runs an e begging group on Facebook call help with money blessings. Its basically her online business. Selling jewelry, required payments to her if you get money from people in her group. And she really isn’t a fan of us.

I have one question those Meredith, is it considered cheating when you e beg in other groups?

Just to help you out, I’ll get you a free pizza.

We’ll talk again soon Meredith, you wont believe the stuff we got sent the other day. Stay tuned !