Oh for woke sake

Meet Pablo from Venezuela Los Angeles.

As you can see he needs help.

If you are woke or sensitive to immigrants, unfollow and leave the room now.

Absolutely bullshit that this guy and his family have been here four months and can’t find work or food. If you are in LA there are plenty of shitty jobs.

You claim to be discriminated against for being latino? In LA? Dude, 47.5% of the population of that city is latino. Kind of hard to believe that.

You claim to be here legally but I doubt that one.

Nope, I’m not buying that one. Sound like you have no legal right to live or work here in the USA, no less cry racism.Nor am I buying that you have no food but have internet access. Sell your phone!

California is one of the biggest sanctuary states, your illegal ass would be living larger than the poor smuck sitting in traffic to work to pay for everything you have.

This ass clown is literally playing on the heart string of the woke. He knows they will hand over the cash.