Trump owes me money !

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. (WPEC) — A man accused of vandalizing more than a dozen cars in Florida claimed he did it because Donald Trump owed him $1 trillion.

This dude can’t even stay awake, I doubt he negotiated trillion dollar deals with Trump.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrested Justin James Wilson on 14 counts of felony criminal mischief and six counts of misdemeanor criminal mischief.

Deputies said he went on a vandalism spree on Monday at the Holiday Inn Resort in Fort Walton Beach.

Investigators said he used rocks and a belt buckle to smash car windows and dent cars in the parking lot.

Rocks, ok, belt buckles? That is a new one.

The sheriff’s office estimates Wilson, who is homeless, caused $30,000 in damage. They had no problem finding him as he was passed out near the crime scene.

After a rough day of trashing cars, you get a little tuckered out. It happens.

Wilson asked investigators to take him to jail. In addition to saying Trump owed him money, Wilson said the cars belonged to the mafia, the sheriff’s office said.

When you are homeless in Florida, a air conditioned place and three meals a day sounds good. Picking a fight with Trump is one thing, but the mafia? You don’t want to mess with a made man, no less his car. Hopefully he doesn’t get wacked.