My Mod application

Look like business is booming for Meredith and her Help with Money Blessings group, so she needs expand and add mods. So I’m going to fill out her questions.

1. How old are you?

Old enough to know that nothing in life is free and you have to work for what you want.

2. How often are you on Facebook?

Less time than you are, I have real world things to do.

3. Have you ever been a mod/admin before? Are you one now? 

Well since our page is open and we don’t restrict people from saying what they want, I guess I would say no.

4. What times do you usually wake up/go to sleep?

Way way before noon everyday, and way way after everyone else is tired from doing nothing all day. Are we having a slumber party or something?

5. What time zone are you in? 


6. Do you have a job? What are your hours?

Like a responsible adult, of course I do. Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living !

7. Have you ever posted in this group? 

No, I work for my money.

8. When did you join this group? 

You actually think I remember that? Like an anniversary or something?

9. What do you like/dislike about the group?

I like how people come in here and make up sob stories for money. I don’t like how Mommy Meredith mutes anyone that has the balls to question a request.

10. Have you ever donated in this group? 


11. Will you be active in the mod chat? 

Hell ya, I can’t wait to see what you are whining about. I’m guessing most of the time its just about WTF Classifieds exposing another scammer in your group.

12. What’s something interesting about you?

I believe that people are allowed to express their opinions without other silencing them. It should be in the Constitution or something.

13. How well do you handle stress?

Way better than you do. I’m not losing my shit over words on a screen. Yet you are !

I really hope I get this !