Muh man is a keeper !

Meet Kiana Marie from Pennsylvania.

She has big problems and needs your help.

She is preggers and homeless. Lets talk about that knocked up part first.

Meet her Prince Charming Kyle.

That hat, so you know he is a keeper ! Ad they have a joint Facebook account.

Gee, I wonder who cheated?

So according to her he knocker her up at least 13 weeks ago, which makes this even more interesting.

In other words, she thinks Kyle was sitting around jacking off wait for his right moment to ” make love” to her, she is probably just another nasty hoe to him. Now he wants to ride her like he sees the movies.

Agreed. When she wasn’t putting out Kyle found another way to get his rocks off.

There is a porno I’ll take a hard pass on watching. Since Kyle loves to think of naked granny while ramming his girl doggy style, he should be really happy where is is now.

Hopefully he doesn’t waste what little time they have no the phone telling her all about the new stuff he learned in jail.

Well if she is knocked up good luck to that kid, keep crawling and don’t look back.