I read about it, so give me your money

Meet Kourty Chyna Monroe from Texas.

One day she went online and read about a fire in Savannah GA and thought to herself, ” I should totally use this to get free money!” . She may have even said ” y’all”, who knows.

She even started a GoFundMe.

That horrible apartment manger won’t even help anyone. Thankfully she still has her cell phone to go online and ask for help.

As we all know the good people at the Red Cross step up when these things happen to help the victims out with food, shelter and clothing. So hint one that she may not be telling the truth was already obvious.

Don’t worry though, she has proof it happened.

See, links to the news report. All the proof you need.

Damn it Brittany, she send the link to the news report. What do you want, actual photos from her of the building or something?

That was an epic fail. I’m more in shock that one of these groups actually sniffed out a fraud on their own.