Cry discrimination !

Meet Brittany Nicole

She was the victim of a serious discrimination when looking for a job and needs your money to pay dad rent, even though she 29 and should live on her own.

OMG, that is horrible ! Was it because of her skin color? Gender? Disability? Lets see what happened.

Its because she is a convicted felon right?

Nope, sounds like this woman still wants to give her a chance, must be something else.

Its has to be the car! She doesn’t like Saturns.

This seems to be going well. This woman wants to give her a chance.

Wait for it.

Its the teeth? She is really crying discrimination over the teeth.

This woman was trying to find a way to give her a job and this lazy ass slob decided to tell her off. So some clients may not want a toothless felon in their house. Understandable, it is their friggin house. Its not discrimination in any form whatsoever.

There were over 400 comments on this before the admin shut it down. Thats how these groups work. The minute you question a request you get muted or banned. No questions, donate or don’t. Most of the comments were pointing out the same thing, she wasn’t discriminated against and talk this woman out of wanting to hire her. She isn’t getting the job because she told her off.

A few suggested she apologize. Even though she has no chance in hell of getting this job it is the right thing to do. To my surprise, she did.

No surprise Marcy blew her off.

My question is if she sues for discrimination because of her lack of teeth, does the judge have to leave the settlement under her pillow if she wins?