Discount DMV revisit

Lets take a stroll down memory lane. If you have been following the Tommy B Rider page long enough you may actually remember it use to be called TB Rider. You may also recall this page stated out witb me just making jokes about ads.

One of the first ones was Tim’s Discount DMV.

Why pay full prices at the real registry when Tim’s Discount DMV can save you money! And its totally legal 😉😉.

There was even a few funny add ons in the comments.

The complete set and now you are ready to hit the road!

It was even suggested that Tim expand into Rhode Island.

Owning a car is expensive and Tim is here to help!

A funny back story on this one. I made a huge rookie mistake that I never made again on this one. I shared the orginal post on the Tommy page and made the joke about it. Shortly after people started to comment. I didn’t think about the fact that Tim could see I shared it and boom, he deleted the post.

Thankfully someone took a screenshot and bailed me out. I learned quickly to get the screenshot first then make the post.