Afternoon delight

TOWSON, Md. (WMAR) — Police responded for a fight inside a hotel room, then it turned out it was just two women having loud sex, it ended with a security guard getting shot at.

There was clearly a no men allowed signal going in there.

That’s what charging documents say happened Monday afternoon at the Days Inn Hotel in the 8700 block of Loch Raven Boulevard in Towson.

Ah the Days Inn, preferred choice for an afternoon scissoring.

It all started when two clerks working at the front desk of the hotel got a call from one of the rooms.

During the call, the workers reportedly heard two people fighting in the background, prompting the on-duty security guard to call police.

Fist pounding? Big dildo? I don’t want to know what they were doing to be all that worked up.

Arriving officers spoke with two women who were supposedly in the room when the commotion was heard. Each told police they were not fighting but were having sex.

They just like it rough officers.

At the request of the security officer, police ordered the women to pack up and leave the hotel.

You know things are going well when you get kicked out of a Days Inn on a Monday afternoon for squealing like a pig while dipping in the lady pond.

One of the women thought she left a cell phone in the room, at which point an officer escorted her back to look for it.

Please to tell me they made a porno.

When they returned, the other woman, 34-year-old Allison Daughtrey had gone into the lobby and began to argue with hotel staff.

You would be pissed to if you were her. It ain’t easy to find someone to eat your snatch when you look like this.

I don’t even want to know what the other woman looked like.

According to the guard, Daughtrey pulled out a handgun and pointed it at him.

She really hates men.

The guard then tried to take the gun away and wrestle Daughtrey to the ground, causing the gun to fire and strike a door frame in the lobby.

She looks like a whole lotta woman. He is a brave guy.

Meanwhile a Baltimore County Police officer was outside feet way, heading back to his patrol car when he heard the gunshot.

The officer came inside to find Daughtrey being restrained by the guard, and arrested her.

One minute your going to town on all you can eat raco in a Days Inn, next thing you know your in cuffs in the back of a police car. What a way to spend a Monday afternoon!

Police wrote in the charging documents that surveillance footage shows Daughtrey entering the lobby, getting into an altercation with the guard, and later pulling out a gun.

Who you gonna believe, a canera or her?

In an interview with police, Daughtrey says the guard hit her first, at which point she alleges to have taken her purse and swung it at the guard which caused the gun to fall out and fire. Daughtrey admitted to police that the gun was hers and she bought it in North Carolina.

It was just a accident no need to get all worked up.

No one was struck during the incident, but according to police the security guard had to be taken to the hospital after being bitten by Daughtrey during the argument.

Big girl really like her shit rough.

Daughtrey is currently being held without bond on multiple charges including Attempted Second Degree Murder, First and Second Degree Assault, and gun crimes.

Let this be a lesson to all. If you plan on spending your afternoon going to poundtown in a motel with an illegal gun, please keep the noise down