Worst conspiracy theory ever

Awhile back I talked about these wack jobs on the ” moms against cars” page that seem to believe cars are the root of all evil. Today they stepped in a big pile of shit.

Are you crazy bitch? Did you seriously just accuse the New York Time of framing 9/11 on airplanes for advertising money?

You can have your crackpot conspiracy theory all you want. It is even your right to say it in a public and online thanks to the first amendment. So many people perished that day, and you are spewing garbage for your followers who would be dumb as faq to believe what you say.

So, you have just become my new target. Every dumb ass idea you post I’m going to rip you apart on. This will be fun !!

PS, don’t worry Meredith and friends, we will still attack you too.