Four quarters short

Meet Hailey from Indiana

She has a big problem you guys

One dollar? Are you really begging for $1? I guess when you get enough people to send you a dollar it starts to add up. I have a hard time believing you can scrap up four quarters.

Like always with our pals over in the Help with cash blessings group, they almost figured it out, but nah.

Oh for faq sake. Of course it was in different groups. This is how they scam money from you people. Did you really think she only wanted $1. Friggin idiots.

Did mommy Meredith even pay attention to what else this girl has been doing to scam money from her group? Nope, Good thing we actually look into shit before we post it.

Aww, she just wants to buy granny a coffee right before her and her boyfriend take off to the beach. Didin’t have any time to save for it . So fork over some cash would ya ?

Well, I guess they had a good time at the beach and a better time when they got home.

Can we assume he to her to poundtown so hard they broke the bed? I wonder how much she from the group for that. Then again, it may not have been from her.

Beach , bed breakup and in a week. Can you spare her a lousy buck?