What are you looking for?

Meet Susan Harris from Lynn Mass.

She is looking for something.

I’m confused. Is she looking for work? A new boyfriend?Looking for someone to work for her? Not a well thought out ad. Lets break this down and define what she listed.

Elderly or disabled”. Eldery are people over a certain age. Disabled has two meanings, either someone with a legitimate physical ailment or people on welfare that think 11 am is early.

Clean “ clean house or just people who actually shower more than once a month?

Prepare meals (excellent cook)” Is this a job offer to work in a kitchen? I would hope Susan can cook.

Or she needs to find a new line of work.

laundry” dirty clothing that needs to be washed.

Companionship” She wants to Netflix and chill.

Experienced” In what exactly?

NO ARREST RECORD” well that is reassuring.

NO CRIMINAL BACKGROUND” see no arrest record.

ALCOHOL/ DRUG FREE” you are in Lynn Mass and you want us to believe that? Its a hard sell there.

I’m not quite sure what you are lookkng for Susan, but good luck finding it.