Sex traffickers do laundry?

Meet Sarah Armstrong.

You guys aren’t going to believe what happened to her!

OH God no !!!!! The sex traffickers are in laundromats now too !!! Are we safe anywhere? Lets rip this apart with a play by play.

PSA!!!!!!!! Anybody in Falmouth know this face? 

You mean this guy who was doing his laundry but now is a victim of your libel by falsely accusing him of a crime?

Parents please be aware!!! I CAUGHT this dirty bastard taking pictures of my 16 year old at the laundromat across from Falmouth police station and BET YOUR ASS I MADE A SCENE! 

No you didn’t make a scene, stop it. Was your 16 year old running around naked or something? Since you were in a public place you have no expectation of privacy hence he could take all the pictures of a fully clothed person in public he wants.

Unfortunately there was not much that Falmouth PD could do because he had deleted the pics before they got there. BUT, it is documented! 

Every time this happens the cops are always useless. The bad guy never gets hauled off to jail. This is my favorite part where she completely gives away that the police were never there, unless you are stupid and believe her.

Never happened. According to the Supreme Court the contents of your cell phone are protected under the 4th amendment (  unlawful searches and seizures by the government). Which means unless the officer had a warrant he couldn’t demand to see the phone and look through it. The cops would know that, but clearly Sarah does not.

 If you catch him doing the same weather you are positive or not please call FPD to investigate! 

How is he doing the weather? So we should call the cops on every white guy in Falmouth with a cell phone? The cops will love that.

This is how our babies in THIS country go MISSING! Y’all think this is a joke til it happens to YOURS! Well guess what, it’s VERY real! 

Actually, I do think this is a joke. No expert, but I don’t think perverted kidnappers are hanging around laundromats on Sunday nights looking for their next victims. But you know who does go to the laundromat on Sunday nights? People who want to avoid crowds and wash their clothes.

 I was watching his every move from the second he walked in the door and saw my daughter. And NO I definitely and not ASSUMING anything, I literally CAUGHT him.

You caught him doing laundry, our hero !!! You literally are faqing assuming that is the real reason he was there.

Where he was sitting he had his back against a window so when I walked outside I watched him and his camera open and on my kid! 

That is good mamma bear detective skills there ! I’m confused, you were so worried that he was there to steal your daughter that you left her alone inside with him to go outside and watch him and his phone through the window?


Just stop already. I would laugh my ass off if this dude is a black belt.

 He tried to show the police pics of the washing machine and say that’s what he was taking pics of! PS these washers are on the other side of the laundromat and nowhere near where my daughter was!

Just want to point out she already said that the cops searched his phone and saw no pictures from the laundromat.

Of course as you can imagine, all the comments hail her as a hero, I can’t believe this happened, I would have beat him up, blah blah. So Sarah got what she wanted out of it. Lucky for us, her witness Crystal was just smart enough to once again, prove this never happened.

It happened at 6:20pm everyone. Lets do the math, so it happens at 6:20, then they call the police, talk to them , they shake the bad guy down, go through his phone, take a report, etc. Now Sarah has to still pack up her stuff or finish the laundry and leave, but they are long gone by 7pm before the owners come back. That shit went down fast!

Well Sarah, we hope you enjoy the pat on the back you were looking for. Meanwhile, I hope this guy finds out you are online spreading false stories about him and contacts a good lawyer.

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