Hey cops, guess what I’m doing?

WOODS CROSS, Utah (AP) — A Utah woman has been sentenced to jail time after calling 911 to report a possible drunk driver while she was intoxicated.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Court documents show 32-year-old Breanna Dawn Hernandez called police on August 16 to report a possible drunk driver in Woods Cross.

Come on, give her some credit. Even though she was drunk she knew enough to try and get another drunk off the road.

When police pressed her for more information, the woman gave her own license plate and started laughing on the phone.

Damn woman, you were so drunk you snitched yourself out to the cops. That takes a special kind of drunk.

Police arrested Hernandez and charged her with a DUI and having an open container in her vehicle. Officers found an almost empty bottle of Fireball whiskey in her car.

Just guess some Fireball whiskey would do the trick. Please, though lets not forget that Breanna may have saved a life by calling the cops to come get her. We are proud of you, enjoy your 12 days in jail, you earned it !