We rally around our own

As we have proven many a time, some people just have no shame. They make up sad stories to get you to feel bad and then ask for money. And we have no problem calling them out on it.

When people do this it makes it hard for those who real need help to ask. Its humbling, embarrassing and just not something they are comfortable with.

A few momths back you guys rallied around me when my daughter had an accident, and I thank you all for the support we received from you. Now our friend Big TruckerB needs our help.

I ask you to please take a few minutes and watch the videos he posted. If can please kick in a few bucks or at least share this along as much as possible.

TruckerB has create a GoFundMe to help out his parents. It isn’t a get rich quick or any other kind of scam. Its is just a son trying to help his parents in their time of need. Click here to visit the page.

Thank you everyone for your support on this and keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.