Dude, where’s muh rollercoaster?

MARYSVILLE, OH (WCMH) — Deputies in Union County are asking for help locating a roller coaster stolen from the fairgrounds. 

They stole what? I’m actually more interested in what you would do with it.

Do you set it up in the backyard for the kids? I’m sure the neighbors won’t ask where it came from. Or just hit the road as an independent carnie?

According to the Union County Sheriff’s Office, on August 28, the Go-Gator carnival roller coaster was reported stolen from the fairgrounds, located at 845 N. Main Street, in Marysville.  

I would pay to see the look on the carnival operators faces when they showed up the next morning and found the coaster gone. “I left it right here, I swear!”

The roller coaster, which is about 20 feet in length, was on a purple and green trailer, and has alligator designed train cars. 

You know a carnival trailer when you see one, not like they blend in. Shouldn’t be to hard to find.

Deputies are searching for a white Dodge Ram 2500 (or larger) model with a flat-bed, that was pictured pulling the stolen trailer at the intersection of S.R. 31 and Mill Road at about 7:10pm, August 27. The truck had no visible front license plate. 

It should fit right in at the trailer park.

If you happen to go to a party and they have one of these in the backyard, let the cops know.