We have the best neighbor

From the Evening Standard

An Australian vegan woman sued her neighbors to court to stop them barbecuing.

Vegan Cilla Carden from Perth, Western Australia, claims her neighbors breached residential laws by barbecuing, smoking and having noisy children.

Nothing can be worse than having neighbors that enjoy their yards. These people have the nerve to lets their kids play and have fun, cook food on a barbecue and they even allow smoking . How rude !!! Somebody should do something about this.

She sought legal orders to prevent the alleged nuisances, but a tribunal and the state’s highest court rejected the claims as unreasonable and lacking in evidence.

Crazy bitch actually tried to get the court to order people not to cook in their yard and the kids not to make a sound. How much you want to be she brought in pictures and video of them using the yard?

But speaking to The West Australian, Ms Carden committed to continuing the legal fight.

She said: “I’m a good person. I just want peace and quiet.”

Move to one of those 55 plus communities that makes having grand kids against the rules.

The vegan issued a list of demands that included orders for a family living next door, as well as another neighbor, to reduce patio lighting, silence their pets and replace plants in the common garden.

She also alleged that wafting smells such as cigarettes and barbecues caused “undue offence” to her.

Don’t forget racist. Not sure if they works in Australia but being woke knows no country borders.

Speaking to Nine News, Ms Carden said: “They’ve put the barbecue there so I smell fish – all I can smell is fish.
That wasn’t coming from the bbq.

“I can’t enjoy my backyard, I can’t go out there.”

I don’t really think she enjoys anything. I wonder how many cats she has?

The State Administrative Tribunal of Western Australia rejected her demands in a case hearing in February.

The tribunal said: “The Tribunal does not accept that the parents, by allowing their children to play in the backyard… use the patio for small scooters or toys, constitutes reasonably a nuisance.

Another frivolous lawsuit. It is all the same no matter where you go, they try to silence you.

“What they are doing is living in their backyard and their home as a family.”

It was also noted by the tribunal that the same family had already moved their barbecue before the hearing in a bid to appease Ms Carden.

The tribunal added: “They have not allowed the children out at night, have not used the patio at night, and have not turned on the lights for several months for fear of reprisals from the applicant.”

Let me translate, they were being normal people doing normal things but Crazy Carden didn’t like it, so she sued them to be more like her and lost.

Ms Carden challenged the decision in the Supreme Court of Western Australia in March.

She actually appealed. How much time does she have on her hands? Obviously way to much.

When handing down his rejection in July, Chief Justice Peter Quinlan noted she had submitted close to 400 pages in her appeal.

The judge added: “The volume of material that she has produced… suggests that these matters have to an extent become somewhat overwhelming.

400 pages of ” evidence”? If anyone should be getting anything from the court, the family should get a restraining order against her, that is down right stalking. I hope this family keeps it up and drives her bat shit crazy until she moves.