Washed up hairband groupie tries to pass off as 21 year old

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (KUTV) — A woman in Davis County was arrested on Saturday for charges of drug possession, driving with a revoked license, and offering false personal info to a police officer, court documents said.

Heather Garcia, age 38, was pulled over on Main Street in Farmington after an officer noticed her Silver BMW did not have a license. Davis County Police performed a vehicle search and found drug paraphernalia and a white powdery substance.

And there you have it, she, key word she, is 38 years old. Holy shit. She should go on the next cover of Crack Whore Magazine.

Officers tried to gather information from Garcia during the arrest. She told officers her name was Mercedes and was born in 1998. Officers soon realized through a records check that the identity Garcia had offered was actually her daughters.

She thought that would work? She must have though Stevie Wonder pulled her over, no cop on the face of the Earth would believe that. Actually, no normal person would. I have a bad feeling there is some junkie out there bragging about tapping that ass. ” She may look 51, but she parties like she is 21.”

Once police were able to make a positive ID on Heather Garcia, they discovered she had outstanding warrants. Court documents show she is currently in Davis County Jail under her active warrants and new charges.

And there is today don’t do drugs public service announcement.