Southwest Airlines, I guess beggars can’t be picky

Meet Emily from Florida

She needs your help, her evil abusive husband has taken all the money and she needs a plane ticket for her and the kids home.

I know what you are thinking, “ that poor girl, I hope she escapes !” Before you run off to call Southwest for her, you should watch this video she made. It will tear at your heart.

I’m sure there was a secret code in there for help me somewhere. The actual video is 11 minutes of her selling clothes. Doesn’t seem like a distressed woman, but what do I know.

I wonder when she runs of to Virgina what she is going to do with her other business.

Which is still taking bookings and as of yesterday was still seeing clients.

And offering deals.

The best part was the bio on the website.

Yup, that is her ! She is just looking for a free trip to visit the fam you guys. I was even able to recreate the shot from the Southwest website.

Right down to not logging in. Maybe we could sit together on the flight? Of course if you look at her tabs she has her bank account, Navy Federal open, and possible she was applying for the frequent fliers program.

Well another scam foiled by yours truly. I’m sure are woke friends will pay for it, because they are dumb. My last question, when you coming back Emily? I want to keep an eye out to see if you post for return airfare.