Show the uses of a room

Meet Miguel Calvo from Tennessee.

Miguel is a real estate agent for a company called Benchmark Reality. Sorry, was an agent for them. If you sell homes you know then that the pictures of a house should look nice with furniture and stuff, making the the house look like a place you want to be your home. On the other end, as a buyer you want to imagine living in that home.

Well, here is the home Miguel had for sale.

Nice place, eh? You should see the inside. Just imagine yourself swimming in the pool.

Relaxing watching tv or a book.

Having dinner.

Or just getting or giving a blow job in the bedroom.

You know all the stuff you would do in your new home.

Well Miguel didn’t deny that was him in the picture, but according to reports he wouldn’t say where that was take or who the girl is. I wonder if his open houses are clothing optional.

The good new for Miguel, the now has a new slogan. ” If I don’t get you the best deal, you can blow me !”