Return of the Chicopee Burger Queen

It didn’t even take a week for the Chicopee Burger Queen to make headlines again. Her first visit was back on August 26th when she showed up to fight the police at the police station, and surprisingly lost that battle.

You can read my original take on the one here.

Sadly that arrest lead to her do nuffin man getting booted from her home.

My advice to you buddy, run and don’t ever look back. I would have left her in jail too.

Well Labor Day came, and since nobody works harder than the unemployed. So it was time to party !!!

She seriously is charging a cover charge to party in her section 8 villa ? I’ll take a hard pass on that. I also have to remind you folks consuming alcohol at one of these parties could lead to waking up next to this.

I guess the party wasn’t the cash cow big hit she was hoping for, so she called a few old friends to come over.

I guess they had nothing better to do, so they did visit her, a few times.

This gets a play by play.

On September 2nd, our department received a call for stolen property at 828 Chicopee St. The caller stated her phone and car were stolen. The vehicle was located, and officers took a report.

Any bets on that the car was in the parking lot she she used the ” stolen phone” to call the police? I doubt she has a house phone.

It should be noted the person at this address, who is familiar to our department, posted on her Facebook page about a party she was having there.

I’m actually surprised she didn’t tag the cops in it. Just for the record, there were zero comments under her post until after she was arrested.

She is such a loser she can’t even get picked on anymore.

On September 3rd, at 1:42am, we received another call from this person wanting people removed from other apartments. She was advised people can have guests.

You read that right, she actually thought the police would kick people out of other apartments. I wonder if she wanted them to tell everyone the real party is at her place?

Then, at 2:53am, we received another call about a disturbance. Arriving officers met with witnesses, who stated this female threw items through a car window. Our officers discovered the car window smashed with a piece of wood, and plates of food and other things had been thrown through the window.

Note to self, never ask for a plate of food to take with you.

Witnesses were able to show our officers video. When officers spoke to the suspect, she stated she did not do it. When told about video, the response was things happen when you party, and maybe I threw some things at a car, but did not mean to break anything.

I am surprised she found the time to trash someones car in between calling the cops and them showing up to deal with her. I guess anything goes when you party !

At this point, officers placed her under arrest. Information and charges are as follows:

Chicopee, MA 01013

-Vandalize Property

She was transported and processed at our PD, and held on $100 bail.

We know her man wasn’t going to to come get her.

The Chicopee Police has a little side not to the one.

FOLKS, I would also like to stress one thing. When having a house party, it is not a good idea to broadcast it to the Facebook community. It invites people, and problems, into your home. I received several messages regarding this person and her post about a party. I would suggest only inviting your friends, not strangers. Its how bad things, like stolen items, and disturbances happen.

Everyone snitched you out girl !!! It may be time to move. Plenty of room in Springfield !