Woke Brigade

Originally I was going to be nice and not do the blog this way, but we were threatened, soooo….

Meredith and her peasants think they’re tough and tired to threaten us with shutting us down.

First, my dear Meredith, you and your brigade know absolutely nothing about how the book of face works. Anything you post on the book is no longer yours. It becomes property of Facebook. Screen shots do not go against terms of use, nor is reposting things. Second, FIRST AMENDMENT. We’re quite enjoying our page, its been nearly two weeks and its still up. You failed at shutting us down. How’s that feel? I’ll give you a gold start for effort!

Third, how many times do y’all need to be told you will NEVER figure out who I am, or whom any of the other bloggers are? Yes, there’s more than Tommy. Just like I told you and your peasants Brittany and Chloe, I’m going to tell you too, y’all will never know who we are. I’ll give you a hint though – we have wankers and pussies. 

Its a safe bet when you message our page you aren’t talking with a guy. Several people have access to it, with the majority of them being women.

How did you ever figure that out ace ?

Would you like the address to come visit?

Meredith, can we talk about a few things? One being you’re a scam. You’re posting to the group looking for funding to move and are selling bracelets, yet you’re using the same damn accounts for your groups tip fund as your personal fund . Didn’t think I’d figure that out? You’re horrible at this. Posting and calling people out for not tipping the group fund is not only childish but its FRAUD. Are you a registered 501c? Do you claim taxes? Your group is for those in need, or claim to be, yet here you sit TAKING money from them. If I’m wrong PROVE it.

Your trivia games aren’t trivia. Its random ass questions about yourself. Are you really that egotistical and self centered that everything has to be about you? Goodness, you may want to seek professional help. And, $1 payouts? That’s chump change. But then again, you are a chump, so it doesn’t really surprise me.

I have a few more questions – Did you find new mods yet?

Did you sort out your group fund drama? Did you find ALL the scammers?

 Did Dani send her group fund donation after you demanded it?

Or how is this working out so far?

Clearly you didn’t scare us. Keep trying, we love a good fight.